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Developing countries turning to affordable solar energy

Developing countries turning to affordable solar energy

Global solar energy capacity rose 26% in 2015, reports The Economist, as solar pv installations in developing countries like China, India, South Africa and even Jordan are on the rise. Analysts credit government incentives and the dramatic 80% drop in the cost of solar panels since 2010.

Last year, China overtook Germany to become the world’s leading producer of solar energy. The Asian nation is expected to install as much as 12 GW of solar power in the first half of 2016. Come 2022, India is looking to increase its solar energy capacity by 20 times its current level, raising solar’s share in the country’s energy mix to 12.5% by 2025 (at 1% today). This summer, Jordan is set to launch its first foray into the solar energy movement with the opening of a 160 MW solar park in an effort to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuel imports.

IESO to launch second phase of Large Renewable Procurement process

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is opening a second phase of its competitive Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) process, which replaced the large FIT program. In March 2016, the agency awarded contracts to 16 LRP applicants for a total of nearly 455 MW of renewable energy capacity.

This second procurement round will begin August 1, 2016 for 930 MW from renewable energy sources including a target of up to 250 MW for solar photovoltaic projects. “The next phase of the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP II) will ensure Ontario remains a global leader in clean energy development,” stated the Ontario Ministry of Energy. “Since 2003, Ontario’s clean energy initiatives have attracted billions of dollars in private sector investment and it is estimated that they have generated over 42,000 jobs in the clean technology sector. There are more than 30 solar and wind manufacturers operating in communities across the province.”